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For all your business and family room entertainment needs


We supply locations such as bars, bowling alleys, convenience stores, family entertainment centers, and resturants with a full line of coin operated amusement equipment. Our equipment includes, Arcades, Redemption machines, kiddie rides, pinball machines, dart boards, pool tables, as well as CD and touch screen juke boxes. In addition we specialize in the restoration of pinball machines, juke boxes, and slot machines.





In 1945 Elden Evans moved from Salt Lake City, UT to Pocatello, ID to work for Yellowstone Specialty Co. He worked as a service representative and route man specializing in slot machine maintenance and repair. He had routes from Pocatello to Jackson hole, WY. In 1951 the State of Idaho banned gambling. All slot machines had to be pulled from every location. As a result the owners closed Yellowstone Specialty Co., and moved to California.

Elden moved back to Salt Lake City and started Evans Service/Ace Amusement and joined Valley Music. Which he worked and co-owned until 1972 when he sold out and moved back to Idaho Falls. Elden came to Idaho Falls and started Yellowstone Specialty Co., Inc. He continued to work in the coin -op business providing for the areas surrounding Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

In 1981 Elden called his son Mike for some help with the video game boom. This was suppose to be for 6 months...Mike has been here ever since. Over 30 years later Mike has a local route which he serviced weekly.

Mike has since retired and his eldest son Andrew  has bought the company to continue the family business. Andrew has worked in the industry off and on his entire life and has the benefit of two prior generations of relationships and knowledge. 


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