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For all your business and family room entertainment needs

We offer service and repair of Pinball machines, Arcades, Slot Machines and other such equipment.

Call for appointment (208) 523-0382

Terms / Conditions

1) Estimates are estimates only, final repair costs may differ. Estimates are valid for thirty (30) days from date made. All repairs will begin as schedule permits.

2) Labor charges at YSC are $75.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum, quarter hour charges thereafter.

3)There will be a $25.00 evaluation fee on all equipment brought in for us to "look at" or for repair, assessed whether given approval for repair or not. If given approval for repair, then the fee will be applied toward the final repair costs.

4) Items must be picked up as soon as possible after notification of completion of repairs (generally (1) week). After one week item(s) will be subject to storage fees ($10.00/week, added to the final bill). After 60 days the item will become the property of YSC and placed for sale, at fair market value, (owner will be given notification). Money received will be used to cover the total repair costs.


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